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Professional Licensed Drone Filming & Photography

The drone industry is ever changing and growing and we continue to adapt and change with it. With years of cinematography and photography experience as well as flying in the harshest of Alaskan weather and navigating the treacherous waters of Coastal Alaska, let our experience take your project to the next level.

Flying drones is more than a hobby and we take it seriously. We are FAA Part 107 licensed and fly according to all local, state, and federal laws.

We do more than just your basic aerial drone work too! We also are one of, if not the first, Alaskan company to have broken into the fast growing submersible drone industry. This service is more cost effective than hiring a diver to inspect something, having to pull your boat out of the water for no reason, or gathering footage of sea life without the hassle of extra expensive gear.

Aerial Services We Provide

We handle all your sky high cinematography needs from planning to post. With the most experienced Alaskan pilots and professional aerial toolkit at your disposal, the possibilities are endless.

Looking for some sick shots of your construction site? Maybe a house you're trying to sell? Or perhaps you just need to look for damage on a roof and don't want to climb up there if you don't have too? These are just some of the things we can assist you with.

Looking for some stock video or photos of anything and everything? We have a large database that is continually being updated. Need something we haven't captured yet? Let us know and we can track down the perfect photo or video just for you.

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Marine Services We Provide

Have a structure that has a problem, but the problem is underwater and hard to check out? We can help! Dams, reservoirs, pilings, if it's under water that's our specialty.

Hiring a diver or pulling your boat onto the dry dock can be expensive and time consuming. We can drop a drone down and locate the issue fast and efficiently.

Looking for some cinema quality B-roll? Or have a scene that requires your actors to be in the water? We've got the means to deliver anything you may want underwater at 4K.

Going for a dive and want to capture the adventure and not have to worry about carrying your own, unstable underwater camera? We can follow your dive and provide stunning 4K footage. We can even edit it down into an awesome little adventure reel.

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