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Music Videos

We bring music to life.


Music is universal so we work with artists of all shapes and sizes in order to help transcend their rhythmic expression to bigger audiences and greater heights.

We understand that artistic vision and ambition doesn't always align with budget constraints, especially for artists just starting out, so we work with you to get the most visual explosion of awesomeness for your buck.

We'll work with you to create a truly stunning video that reflects you, your band, and your sound, regardless of genre and style (we love it all).

We'll collaborate with you to create a fun, engaging music video and provide help from start to finish; assisting in concept development and planning, we'll creatively and efficiently direct, shoot and edit your video to match your vision.

We offer a couple different types of music video paths:

These are the music videos that tell those driving stories that keep your audience coming back for more.

Great examples are:

Thriller, Before He Cheats, Lips of an Angel

Lyric videos have been around for quite a while now not only to share sometimes misheard lyrics, but as a quick, low-cost way to get your music onto video platforms to reach a greater audience.

Cartoons are super fun so naturally animated videos are a fun & engaging way to share your music. They're also a great alternative if you want something engaging but don't want to be on camera.

Performance based and live videos can have a really impactful effect on an audience. For some it's a way to relive an event they went to, others it's a new way to connect with their favorite artists. These are videos like MTV's unplugged or Lindsey Stirling's Master of Tides

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